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Roxy Eloise


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Friends, bullies, and a touch of something magical.

Discovering Puracordis

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In a future where the mention of magic is banned, one paranoid man holds all the power. Adopting children to become his private bodyguards, they are raised together in a strict institute where sixteen-year-old Aurora struggles to follow the rules. Finding herself disciplined often, she doesn't particularly like her endless life of servitude.


Soon, she'll have to take part in the institute's annual Unity ceremony where she could end up engaged to a complete stranger.


Aurora's fears of being different are realised when she discovers something about herself, something which will make most fear her, and her adoptive father will want her killed for.


Friends, bullies, and a touch of something magical, Aurora’s first year in the grown-ups’ quarter is far from ordinary.

JH Editorial Team

[The Guidal: Discovering Puracordis] has the potential to be something very special, especially as a series.

A binge-worthy read.

Alea C.

I started reading your story and couldn't quit!

Daljit A.

The world is compelling, and I don't think I've read anything similar to this, so I'm keen to see where it goes.

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