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A signed paperback of The Guidal: Discovering Puracordis by Roxy Eloise




Sixteen-year-old Aurora has a hidden side others will see as deadly. None more so than her adoptive father, who will want her dead if he ever finds out.


The real problem is, she doesn’t even realise it exists and it could show itself any minute.

When Aurora was a child she was taken to be raised in a strict academy to train as a protector for an extremely powerful, suspiciously paranoid old man. But struggling with the harsh rules, Aurora finds herself being disciplined often, and she unwittingly brings attention to herself. Eyes are always on her, and soon she’ll have to participate in an annual Unity ceremony where she could be forced into an engagement with a complete stranger. Aurora’s fears of being dangerously different are becoming realised… and in the worst possible way.

Friends, bullies, and a touch of something magical, Aurora’s first year in the grown-ups’ quarter is far from ordinary.

The Guidal: Discovering Puracordis Signed Paperback

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