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Infuse your space with the playful charm of Tayo Tessan embodied in our bookish candle. Bursting with bold colors and a hint of magic, this candle not only adds flair to your bookshelf but also captures the essence of Tayo's cheeky yet lovable character. Handmade and meticulously scented with Tayo in mind, our vegan soy wax candle promises a clean and eco-friendly burn. To make it extra special, discover a hidden treasure within – a carefully chosen tumblestone crystal. Elevate your ambiance with the irresistible spirit of Tayo.


Hematite is well-loved for being a stone of grounding that also provides protection. It’s known for being black in color and having a beautiful metallic shine to it. This crystal has been used for protection for thousands of years. One of the main ways it was and is still used is for protection against excessive bleeding. Soldiers and warriors would carry the stone to battle, and mothers would keep it near them while going through childbirth. However, it isn’t just for protection. A hematite crystal can also keep you grounded and give you confidence. It is linked to the root chakra, meaning it can form part of your foundations and give you stability in your everyday life.

Tayo Tessan Bookish Candle

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